Art. 10 – 18 jan. 2023

Playing chess online

Firstly we have to say that the pandemic has taken away or transformed almost all the chess manifestations that we were used to (i.e:Aeroflot of Moscow, the London Chess Classics, the Grenke of Karlsruhe, the Biel tournament, the Dortmund tournament, the Open of Gibraltar, the Bilbao tournament, the Leon tournament, the Linares tournament, the Memorial Tal, the Gashimov Memorial…).

Secondly, pandemia has also accelerated the creation of online tournaments. Playable from anywhere in the world and at any time without the need to travel and go to the hotel. It is understandable that the very young believe this is the way you play chess.

In addition, the disappearance, we hope temporary, of Russia and China with the world organizational scenario. The one ban on the demonstrations for the war he triggered. The other grappling with the re-establishment of the pandemic outbreak. They had to leave the scene to India, to the USA (especially for online chess) and to a fragmented Europe. Moreover, open large spaces to the new Asian realities, from the rich Arab countries to the ex-Soviet Asian republics.

But then the experience teaches us that the desire to try their hand against a human in the long run convinces everyone, or almost all, to enroll in a circle like the ARONA CHESS CLUB one or a tournament. And then a new era begins, the real one, made of tension, psychology, …

and now we want to show you the 4 best sites to play chess

The first site to play chess online is definitely In reality, this option is also the most populated, considering that the portal has more than twenty million registered users. Well yes, in this case the registration is a must, but you can also authenticate you using Facebook or Google. Once access, you can challenge other players around the world. is also available as an app for Android and iOS, both on mobile phones and on tablets.


The second site is It is certainly not populated as, but it still has more than one million games per day. Moreover, it does not require any form of recording if you want to do only one game. Instead, it will be necessary to access the site in the event that you want to record your progress, scores and all the games you have carried out against other users. In this case, however, everything will always be free.


is very similar, in its management, to
It is the most suitable site for all those who simply want to play a random game, without too many complications. In fact, it always allows you to play against other online players, completely free of charge and does not require any kind of registration. The portal is quite immediate: connect, click on “Play Now” and play against other online players.


is in fourth place in terms of gaming experience. But it is certainly the first for direct streaming, commented by GMs, of the best known international tournaments.
The chess website is available in different languages (English, Spanish, German, ..)
It is not possible to play correspondence games. The longest time control available is 60 minutes with an increase of 30 seconds per move. However, Chess24 offers various fantastic tournaments to participate in. Especially themed tournaments opening are extremely useful for improving your chess opening skills.


Try them and decide what you like best and, if you want, leave me your comment below. Good fun!!!

Thank you