“Orillas de Mar”

Welcome to the international open tournament in Tenerife !
Bienvenidos a “ORILLAS DE MAR



The ARONA CHESS CLUB is committed to promoting tourism, culture, and sport in Tenerife. Offering an unforgettable experience for chess players and their loved ones. Over the next three years, we anticipate hosting hundreds of players in this beautiful destination. Known for its quality tourist offerings and exceptional scenery.

With this in mind, the tournament provides chess players and their families with an unforgettable holiday experience. After a day of enjoying the beautiful beaches, what could be better than testing your skills against a fellow chess enthusiast in a breathtaking location? This approach ensures a balance between relaxation and competition, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition, “Orillas de Mar” is the perfect spot for young people who have just finished school. And for anyone looking to unwind after a long day at work with a friendly game of chess before dinner. Moreover, players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to challenge themselves and others. Including many Grand Masters, demonstrating their promising talents.

In conclusion, Orillas de Mar is a fully Open and International Tournament. Fully designed both for tourists and locals, either experts or beginners. Just one week of an unforgettable chess tourney with a lot of awards. Including rewards for those who don’t come out on top!