“Orillas de Mar”

Dear chess friends,

it is a real pleasure to invite you to the first and prestigious edition of the International Open Tournament: “Orillas de Mar

Valid for Elo FIDE and Elo FEDA Also valid for the norm of GM, IM, WGM and WIM

OUR GREAT CHALLENGE?: combine a fantastic holiday and in the game entertaining both young and old chess players in an historical and unique venue of the Canary Island. 

A truly unforgettable experience.
ARONA CHESS CLUB promotes tourism, culture and sport.
Many aspects are taken into account and analyzed. Objective: to enjoy Tenerife, to enjoy chess.
In the next 3 years, hundreds of chess players, accompanied by their loved ones, will come to Tenerife.
A quality tourist destination in the most beautiful Canary Islands.

Therefore, the tournament is designed for tourists who during July are on holiday in Canary Islands, at Tenerife South. What is better than, after a beautiful day lying in the sun on the beach, challenging another player in a chess game and, moreover, in a stunning location?

Secondly, “Orillas de Mar” is also thought for young people who have recently finished their school or for those who, at the end of their daylywork, want to play a match before dinner! And of course it is for all children and players of all ages who want to prove their promising skills challenging others, including chess Masters!

In conclusion, “Orillas de Mar” is a fully Open and International Tournament designed both for tourists and locals, either experts or beginners and, finally, it is neither too long nor too short! Just one week of an unforgettable chess tourney with a lot of awards. Including those for the non winners!!

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