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March 28th, 2022 – War in Ukraine

FIDE banned Karjakin – Nakamura’s donation to Ukraine

The Fide (International Chess Federation) announced last March 21st excluded GranMaster Sergey Karjakin for six months from participating in any Elo Fide variation tournament for its public support for the invasion of Ukraine.

GM Sergey Karjakin banned for 6 months from FIDE

The Organization said that Karjakin is guilty of having violated the Fide Code of Ethics. It provides for the adoption of disciplinary measures. In cases that put the federation in an “unfavorable light and in this way damage the reputation”.

“The statements of Karjakin on the current military conflict in Ukraine aroused a considerable number of reactions on social media. And elsewhere, largely negative towards the opinions expressed by Sergey Karjakin,” said Fide.

Karjakin’s online statements represented a threat to the reputation of chess, himself and the Fide, said the Federation. Karjakin will be able to challenge the Organization’s decision.

Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, Karjakin issued an opinion on social media to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was supporting him to the attack and spreading the unfounded claim that Kiev was pushing a genocidal Nazi regime.

As reported by The Guardian, Karjakin, born in Crimea, stated on social media to have been targeted for supporting him in Putin.

“A wait decision, but no less shameful than the Fide”, wrote Karjakin on Telegram.

“All sports selections have been trampled, the basic principle that sport is out of politics has been trampled,” he continued. “Above all I am first of all a patriot of my country and only second are an athlete. If I thought of the situation in which I supported the president of Russia, the people and the army, I would have done the same! Do not regret anything .

The Russian Grand Master’s Sergei Shipov was not banned. Fide said he was “considerably less known and therefore has a less powerful platform”. They also noticed that Shipov’s statements were “of a slightly different and less provocative character than those made by Karjakin”.

Last week, the Fide banned to Russian and Belarusian teams to participate in the official Fide tournaments on the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee.
While the news from Ukraine follow one another, the chess world goes on.

The Fide has decided to postpone the worldwide team championship scheduled for June, the organizers of the Norway Chess and the London Classic have already stated that they will not invite Russian players to their next tournaments and, with the decisions of the Fide, the tournaments of candidates are strongly at risk.

And while Karjakin continues his solitary battle in defense of Russian reasons for invasion, Hikaru Nakamura donated 131.304 dollars harvested during the other’s streaming marathon few days ago. A drop in the sea of ​​needs, but it is the signal that the chess community is trying to do its part.

GranMaster Hikaru Nakamura donated more than 131.304€ to Ukraine

But the more substantial part, and we hope is carried out, will be during the next negotiations. PEACE PLEASE !

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