The road to success has begun!

Thank you to all present!

28 May 2022

The yesterday inauguration of the ARONA CHESS CLUB has turned into an evening of joy and celebration for everyone. In a wonderful setting, with a breathtaking ocean sunset at OA Beach Club of the stunning Hotel Villa Cortes.

Moreover, the chess simultaneous challenge went just fine attracting almost 30 players! … and many spectators too.

Infact, we are so glad that children, as well as the other players who are no longer green, such as those who scribe you, did everything to put the young “queen of chess” in difficulty.

But the WFM Adhara Rodriguez Redondo confirmed her huge talent beating 24 players and loosing only three games!!


Firstly, let us send a sincere thanks to the authorities of the municipality of Arona: José Alberto Delgado, Tourism Councilor and Francisco Marichal, Sport Councilor.

In fact, they offered a kind and warm welcome to our CLUB. They higlighted many benefits of having the first chess club in Arona, and in line with our main goals too.

The President of Tenerife Chess Federation and THE AUTHORITIES (on the right side of the picture)

Secondly, a big thank you goes to Agustín Fernández Manrique, President of Tenerife Chess Federation. His active support allowed us to be able to carry out the inauguration and the simul.

Agustín Fernández Manrique (on the left) with WFM Adhara Rodriguez Redondo and Sergio Alessandro, President of ARONA CHESS CLUB

Thirdly, we send our warmest thanks to the Hotel Europe Villa Cortes, for having generously granted its prestigious structure. Infact, the venue of the inauguration enchanted all those present in an evening of joy dedicated to chess.

In conclusion, the inauguration and simul finished at sunset in front of the Atlantic ocean. It was a truly extraordinary experience, hopefully repeatable.

The stunning sunset at OA BEACH CLUB

Last but not least, heartfelt thanks again to WFM Adhara Rodriguez Redondo. She illuminated the simultaneous challenge, just like the star that bears her name. A true Master of only 18 years old and very good at dealing alone with the 28 chess players.

So, we wish her all the best for her future. And to fulfill her great dream of becoming a GM of chess.

And most importantly, our thanks go to all participants, players and onlookers. And, moreover, to our friends Randy, Diego, Argelia and Romeo, without whom our club would never have existed.

In the hope of maintaining a collaborative and productive professional relationship with each of you, we wish you all the best.

Looking forward to meeting you again in the next local and international tournaments that we will soon organize.

After the inauguration and simul, our activities are continuing from next Friday 3 June, as follows:

  • collection of registrations; please register clicking here;
  • all Thursdays and Tuesdays from 17.00 to 18.00: teaching class for members (intermediate); from 18.00 to 19.00 lessons for beginners
  • all Fridays from 17.00 to 19.00: free game for members.

We hope many of you will come.

My warmest greetings

Sergio Alessandro – President of ARONA CHESS CLUB – Cda Grademar

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