Art. 13 – 15 july, 2023

Breaking Barriers and Celebrating Diversity: 27 Countries Compete in Orillas de Mar International Chess Tournament for 6 FIDE Norms.

All the 26 GMs/WGM at the kick off ceremony
Playing in a 16th century site: Casa Fuerte of Adeje

Step into the world of Orillas de Mar International Chess Tournament, where extraordinary achievements and female prowess take center stage! This captivating event, inspired by the popular Queen’s Gambit, delivered an unforgettable display of talent and determination.

Within the thrilling battles of Orillas de Mar, six FIDE norms were earned, representing crucial milestones in the chess world. For the uninitiated, a FIDE norm is a prestigious accomplishment that recognizes players for their exceptional performance and brings them closer to coveted titles such as International Master or Grandmaster. These norms exemplify the unwavering dedication and strategic brilliance demonstrated by the participants.

  • Xiao Tong(Qd), from China: norm to GM
  • Nie Xinyang, from China: norm to IM
  • Zhang Lanlin, from China: norm to WGM
  • Huang Renjie, from China: norm to GM
  • Emil Risteski, from Macedonia: norm to IM
  • Peng Xiongjian, from China: norm to IM

While the tournament boasted an impressive lineup of 23 Grandmasters and 3 WGM, 34 IM/WIM/FM/WFM it was the remarkable presence of 26 talented women that truly stole the show. These fierce competitors showcased their skills, challenging gender stereotypes and proving that chess knows no boundaries. Their remarkable performances, alongside their male counterparts, made Orillas de Mar an inspiring celebration of inclusivity and gender equality in the chess community.

Beyond the intense battles on the board, the tournament offered more than just fierce competition. Participants and children were treated to an array of prizes, gifts, and delectable sweets, adding an extra touch of joy and celebration to the event.

Join us in celebrating the triumph of the Orillas de Mar International Chess Tournament, a spectacle that embraced the power of female players and highlighted the significance of earning FIDE norms. This exceptional journey showcased the best of chess, inspiring players of all backgrounds to pursue their dreams and embrace the strategic beauty of the game.

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