Our goals

Focus on young people

Firstly, one our goal is to train young players who can improve:
° their concentration and attention; ° skills of analysis, synthesis and organization;
° problem solving and logical-mathematical reasoning;
° reactions positively to unexpected situations;
° self-esteem and self-confidence;
° controlling emotions and generating empathy and initiative;
° working in a group and collaborating with others.

Compite at top level

Secondly: our goal is the recruitment of stronger players (min.2000 Elo points) who can represent the Arona Chess Club at the highest levels and in all national and international individual and team competitions

Chess and tourism together

Our goal is to bring together in our club the tourists who visit us and who are looking for a space to play with local players. Open air events, even on the beach, will be strategic!
From the statistics on the Tenerife South airport website, it is very clear that, on average every year, more than nine million tourists land in the south of Tenerife!

Access to chess for minusvalids

In line with the attention that the municipality of Arona has long shown for all disadvantaged people, our chess club is also open and equipped to welcome handicapped players.

Our goal is also to create unforgettable events and tournaments!!

Competition is one of the oldest types of events in the history of mankind.
And winning is still as good as it was thousands of years ago.
Well, at least it seems to be so.
Arona Chess Club organizes both internal tournaments (dedicated exclusively to players associated with the club) and “OPEN” at the highest levels both of participation (Grand Masters and Masters of many Countries) and of prizes and trophies.
Daily events such as simultaneous events, blitz and rapid tournaments, … complete our offer