πŸ“’ Games of the week n.Β 8!

David Alberto, a class and style champion

David Alberto was one of the main protagonists of the Orillas de Mar tournament. The strong grandmaster, three-time Italian champion, finished the tournament in third place. With 6.5 points out of 9, tied with 10 other players.

Alberto demonstrated throughout the tournament a great ability to concentrate and a solid preparation. He played with great determination and always gave his all on the field. Even in the most difficult matches, he managed to stay calm and find the best moves.

One of the most beautiful matches of the tournament was against Ukrainian GM Petro Golubka. Alberto won against the Rubinstein variation of the French opening played by his opponent. After a rapid development of his pieces, he put Golubka in trouble starting from the 16th move! The Italian grandmaster played with great precision and was able to capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes. Victory came on the 37th move, after a close fight and an exciting sacrifice of a bishop, which kept everyone present on the edge of their seats.

πŸ†  Games of the Week n.8: GM ALBERTO DAVID (2540 Elo)  vs  GM PETRO GOLUBKA (2373 Elo) β€“ 1-0 @ Orillas de Mar β€“ June 29th, 2023 – Tenerife

Alberto also showed himself to be a great professional and a mature person with great courtesy. He always had an exemplary behavior, both on and off the field. He was always available to give advice and share his knowledge with other players.

Alberto analyzes his game with Petro

His discretion and respect for everyone made him a true reference point for all the participants of the tournament.

It was a real pleasure to have GM Alberto David among the many GMs who participated in the tournament. We look forward to seeing him again, together with his partner Inna, for the next edition in June 2024.