📢 Games of the week n. 14-15!

Two Great Black-Piece Victories: Sergio Posso and Sofia Huang Chen from the Arona Chess Club at the Orillas de Mar international tournament

Our young chess talents, Sergio Posso and Sofia Huang Chen, achieved remarkable victories at the “Orillas de Mar” tournament. Sergio secured first place in his Elo category, earning 1768 points. The only 9-year-old Sofia emerged as the top player in our club.

Sergio Posso: A Classy Victory with the Black Pieces

Sergio Posso delivered a spectacular performance when he faced a formidable opponent with the black pieces. His game was a prime example of chess class, featuring thoughtful and strategic moves that led to a decisive advantage. Sergio demonstrated that the color of the pieces is no obstacle when one possesses talent and determination.

Sergio Posso (center) with his deserved medal

Sofia Huang Chen: A Masterful Victory with the Black Pieces

Sofia Huang Chen is a highly talented young player (just like her brother Enzo). She made her mark at the “Orillas de Mar” tournament while playing with the black pieces. Her victory was masterful, showcasing excellent opening play and, most importantly, the pursuit of checkmate in challenging positions. Sofia proved that her skill and understanding of the game are above average.

Sofia and her first stunning chess Trophy

Now you can relive these two extraordinary victories as Sergio and Sofia demonstrate their greatness while playing with the black pieces. Click on the videos below to enjoy the games:

🏆Games of the Week n. 14
Nyman, John C H vs  Posso Cangrejo, Sergio David 0-1 @ Orillas de Mar – July 2nd, 2023 – Tenerife

🏆Games of the Week n. 15
Godoy Mendoza, Rosa Maria vs Huang Chen, Sofia 0-1 @ Orillas de Mar – June 27th, 2023 – Tenerife

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Prepare yourself to accompany the Arona Chess Club on a journey of unlimited joy and jubilation. Infact we honor the extraordinary talent and unyielding passion for the game of chess. Bear in mind, in the realm of this noble sport, there exists an abundance of opportunities for triumphant conquests and dazzling achievements!

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the upcoming thrilling contests, set against the backdrop of the joyous Christmas season and the dawning of a new year!

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