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G. Christopher Paz Mendez, The Canarian Who Scaled the Orillas de Mar Tournament Rankings

In the vibrant world of chess, where strategy and intellect converge, a remarkable tale unfolded at the recent Orillas de Mar tournament, played in June at Casa Fuerte in Adeje. Meet G. Christopher Paz Mendez, a 35-year-old native of Tenerife, whose journey from the 74th rank in the initial standings to a commendable 38th place, surpassing even five Grandmasters, left spectators in awe.

In this enthralling chess encounter that embodies the intrinsic character of the Canarian spirit, we delve into the gripping depths of his recent game. He adeptly maneuvered a strategic East Indian opening as the black player, ultimately emerging victorious against the formidable International Master, Villavicencio Martinez.

🏆Games of the Week n. 13

IM ADALBERTO VILLAVICENCIO MARTINEZ (2251 elo pointsvs  G. CHRISTOPHER PAZ MENDEZ(2003 elo points). 0-1 @ Orillas de Mar – July 2nd, 2023 – Tenerife

Paz Mendez, wielding an Elo rating of 2003. He accumulated 5.5 points out of 9 games, securing five victories, one draw, and enduring three losses. His performance stood as the most distinguished among all Canarian participants in the tournament.

what a success tournament!

A very special accomplishment in Tenerife

The Orillas de Mar tournament held a special place in the hearts of chess enthusiasts in the Canary Islands for over three decades. It was a prestigious event that attracted players from 27 corners of the globe. Among them, 63 individuals held distinguished titles as Grandmasters and International Masters. culminating in a display of exceptional skill and talent. Ultimately, it was Abhijeet Gupta, the esteemed Indian Grandmaster, who emerged victorious, achieving an impressive score of 7 points out of 9. His triumph truly exemplified his mastery of the game.

The Canary islands best player

G. Christopher Paz Mendez Scaled the Orillas de Mar Tournament Rankings

Paz Mendez‘s triumph resonates as a positive signal for the chess scene in the Canary Islands. This Canarian player showcased both talent and unwavering determination, proving his mettle on the grand stage.

the flag of the Canary Islands

Paz Mendez has invested a significant portion of his life into the realm of chess. Dedicating himself to regular training and participation in numerous tournaments.

His future plans include further honing his skills and competing at the highest echelons of the chess world. We eagerly anticipate his ascent into the realm of titled players and warmly welcome him to our club’s upcoming events.

G.C. Paz Mendez getting his trophy (left) and S. Alessandro, President of Arona Chess Club (right)